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London-based freelance journo (mainly film & TV), content writer & editor, ghostwriter, and blogger. Also currently studying to be a UX writer.

George R.R. Martin calls editors “the writer’s natural enemy,” but some of these pros are great. What sets them apart from their thoughtless counterparts?

Photo by Trey Gibson on Unsplash

Are pandemic hook-ups irresponsible? Or can people put it about as they please?

How ‘Schitt’s Creek’ legend Moira Rose indirectly taught me the best way to tackle cultural appropriation

No gun laws and easy targets. It’s all fun and games until you realise what digital death represents…

Sick of tech? Enjoy snail mail? A total dork? Look no further than the nerdiest pen pal club in town

Why you should always grab the chance to say goodbye before a family member passes — even if you don’t get along!

How a stylish sexagenarian led me to question whether I have anything to say that no one else can say better

Tutti Bennett

How the trailblazing broadcaster used a deepfake Queen Elizabeth to highlight society’s misinformation problem

Some words on why we should be allies to non-binary people and a few ways we can go about this super simple task

Why, thanks to the number 333, Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish Civil War novel is my new best friend

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