Heroes & Villains — Good & Bad Editors

George R.R. Martin calls editors “the writer’s natural enemy,” but some of these pros are great. What sets them apart from their thoughtless counterparts?

Photo by Trey Gibson on Unsplash

Bad editors

Bad editors enact the above scene again and again, carrying around egos so huge they make Gordon Ramsay look like a timorous beastie. They wield far more power than they should, and they certainly won’t let the lowly scribes at their mercy forget it for a single second.

Good editors

More Delia Smith than Gordon Ramsay, good editors are an entirely different kind of creature. They’re real pros with a passion for their craft and a strong grasp of both the writing and editing processes. Demonstrating an almost saint-like courtesy, they’d be mortified to act out the scene described at the start of this post.

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